Hello and Welcome to #TruckeeMoments!

To offer you a brief history of who we are, #TruckeeMoments started off as a social media contest. We wanted to see posts of Truckee life and then picked winners based on the best content. But the story didn’t stop there. #TruckeeMoments grew beyond the boundaries and ramifications of a contest and really became about the story of who we are. #TruckeeMoments shows the world our unique and vibrant culture. And that culture isn’t a stop off on the way to Tahoe, it is an exciting community with an identity that stands alone. And we’re proud of it! So even though the contest is over, we would like to ask you to continue sharing your stories, because when you do, you are sharing our story, and that story is one worth telling.

Thank you for your continued participation in #TruckeeMoments, we look forward to seeing your posts!